In Studiosos Adolescentes

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In Studiosos Adolescentes: Il viaggio inaspettato di un manoscritto gesuita dal Brasile all’Italia (sec. XVIII)

Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu‐Nova Series 12
In Studiosos Adolescentes Il viaggio inaspettatato di un manoscritto gesuita dal Brasile allʼItalia (sec. XVIII). A cura di Marina Massimi e Alcir Pecora. xi + 306 p. (MHSI Nova Series, 12). 2024. €65.00. ISBN 978-88-7041-212-3

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The volume, edited by Marina Massimi and Alcir Pecora, presents the critical edition of a didactic manuscript from 1751, which came from two Jesuit colleges in Bahia (Brazil) and is currently conserved in the Biblioteca Comunale di Urbania (Marche). It offers the original Latin text of In Studiosos Adolescentes, together with an historical-literary analysis of the context of its production as well as the manuscript’s ‘unexpected’ and intercontinental journey between South America and Europe. The book is enriched by four introductory essays written by scholars in the field, by unpublished related documents and by an accurate critical apparatus.
This edition makes a fundamental contribution to the history of Jesuit education, rhetoric and poetics in the modern era. It also reveals the global circumstances and consequences of the expulsion of the Jesuits from the territories of the Portuguese Empire, which was the first step towards the papal suppression of the Society of Jesus between 1773 and 1814.

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