Author Guidelines [AHSI]

Author Guidelines [AHSI]2024-05-03T14:03:04+02:00

AHSI is a biannual journal that publishes research articles concerning the universal history of the Society of Jesus, either explicitly, or in terms of the wider consequences that a focused study might have for our understanding of Jesuit history in its broadest sense. The journal seeks to publish work that conducts critical analysis of original documents within the context of current literature in the field, with the aim of providing valuable, even new, perspectives in any given field of research touching on Jesuit history.

Articles are double-blind peer reviewed. Authors may submit articles for consideration to Dr Camilla Rusell, Publications Editor gro.a1721937032irucj1721937032s@bbu1721937032p-isr1721937032a1721937032.

Essays typically are accepted with a length of between 8,000 and 13,000 words of body text.

The editorial language is English; articles are accepted and published in the main European languages.

Please take note of the Style Guide for authors, the list of abbreviations and the indications about how to reference the fond  of the Old Society.

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