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Diccionario histórico de la Compañía de Jesús

The Diccionario histórico de la Compañía de Jesús is a fundamental work for a first approach to research on the history of the Society. There are over 6000 entries edited by 700 different historians relating to the Society’s people, places and themes.

The Archive makes the entire work available on internet archive, both in a single document including all the 4 volumes (it’s possible also to download the PDF of 700MB for using the search function), or as single volumes:


The “Jesuit Glossary” by W. Gramatowski is a brief guide to the terms and roles appearing in the historic documents of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) which are conserved in ARSI.

It includes information and indications to understand ARSI documents.

Indeed it explains the type of documents that you cand find in ARSI holdings, the abbreviations used and the roles inside the Society of Jesus.

This is essential to understand, for example, the roles of the Jesuits indicated in the Catalogs.

History of the Society of Jesus

The Synopsis historiae Societatis Iesu (Lovanii, 1950) (digitalized by ARSI and available for download on Internet Archive) is a synopsis in Latin of the history of the Society of Jesus (1540-1940).

It includes lists of the superiors (assistents, provincials and so on) from 1540 to 1940.

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