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Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu (AHSI) is a biannual peer reviewed journal that publishes research articles concerning the universal history of the Society of Jesus, either explicitly, or in terms of the wider consequences that a focused study might have for our understanding of Jesuit history in its broadest sense. The journal seeks to publish work that conducts critical analysis of original documents within the context of current literature in the field, with the aim of providing valuable, even new, perspectives in any given field of research touching on Jesuit history.

Archivum Historicum Societatis Iesu began in 1932: the first issue of the journal was published with two research articles, written by Pietro Tacchi Venturi SJ (about Jesuit formation at the time of Ignatius), and Georg Schurhammer SJ (about the Japan mission). The journal was organised under five headings: Lucubrationes; Textus inediti vel rarissimi; Breviores textus; Selectorum operum iudicia; De historia Missionum S.I.; commentarius bibliographicus.

Today, AHSI continues to publish work concerning the history of the Society of Jesus, also grouped under a number of categories that aim to reflect the dynamism and diversity of current scholarship in the field: Articles; Research Notes; Review Essays; Living History; Bibliography on the History of the Society of Jesus (published annually, and available online at the ARSI website); Reviews; and Notes and News in Jesuit History.

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